Great Films for a Great Cause: Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock

Great Films for a Great Cause: Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock

Event Info:

  • Jun 03, 2017
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • $5- $10 Donation


The Great Film

Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock

AWAKE follows the dramatic rise of the historic #NODAPL native-led peaceful resistance at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, which captured the world’s attention as one of the biggest stories of 2016. Thousands of activists converged from around the country to stand in solidarity with the water protectors (activists) protesting the construction of the $3.7 billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which is intended to carry fracked oil from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields through sovereign land and under the Missouri River, the water source for the Standing Rock reservation and 17 million people downstream.

The immersive documentary features emotional first-person accounts as well as gripping verité footage of militarized local police and private security teams confronting water protectors and journalists with rubber bullets, mace, tear gas, water hoses, and weaponized dogs. But the film also takes us behind the front lines to reveal the intimate day-to-day life of the camp community. Standing Rock has awakened the nation and forever changed the way we fight for clean water, the environment and the future of our planet.

JOSH FOX – Producer-Co-writer-Director, JAMES SPIONE – Director, MYRON DEWEY – Director, FLORIS WHITE BULL – Co-writer


The Great Cause:

The Indigenous Media Fund and the Pipeline Fighters Fund

The Indigenous Media Fund was created to assist young Native American journalists and filmmakers with their current and future projects.Donations will support new short pieces, feature films, articles and hiring key PR reps for indigenous causes. The Fund’s mission is to court mainstream media to cover indgigenous and environmental issues. The Indigenous Media Fund will assist potential indigenous journalists and filmmakers with launching their careers so that Native American stories can reach more homes, more social media sites, touch more hearts and inspire Native and non-Native alike to stand for and seek out justice, equality, while maintaining their storied traditions and culture.

The Pipeline Fighters Fund contributes to crucial battles against proposed new pipelines across the country by funding new media reporting and direct action supporiting the dozens of new protest camps around the country.

Both organizations were created by the filmakers of AWAKE.