Local Film Screening: The Pahoa Flow

Local Film Screening: The Pahoa Flow

Event Info:

  • Mar 23, 2018
  • 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • $10 - $15 Sliding Scale


Join us for a special screening of the locally made documentary, The Pahoa Flow  followed by a Q&A with co-creators Josh Ballauer and Chelsie Settlemier. The film follows the progress of the June 27th lava flow that nearly devastated the small historic town of Pahoa through a chronological documentation of events and the reactions of the people of Puna, including never before seen footage from Kaohe Homesteads, Pahoa Village Road and the Pahoa Village Marketplace.


Josh Ballauer started his videography career by making skateboarding videos with his friends, but as his filming skills improved, his video content expanded also. In June 2014, the lava flow changed direction and headed straight toward their house so it was only natural for Josh to take video of this amazing event and co-create the movie “The Pahoa Flow.” Since then, he has worked on many video projects ranging from commercials to music videos and is currently working on a scripted movie schedule to release later this year.

Chelsie Settlemier started her film career by providing technical support for “The Pahoa Flow”. Since then, she has expanded her filming skills to include script writing, editing, directing, audio recorder, and actress in their upcoming film. Josh Ballauer and Chelsie Settlemier are a dynamic team both on and off the film set. Together, they are a hard working couple raising three young boys.