Whittney's tale

Authored by: 
Whittney Erskine

Whitney Erskine
My time at Kalani so far has been nothing short of magical. Initially I thought I would find the most healing and growth through yoga and pure air, but I have come to see that it is through my `Ohana that I have blossomed the most. Being here has revealed to me the art and beauty in simplicity. Simplicity brings space, space brings compassion, compassion brings love and mindfulness.

In this simple atmosphere, I can focus my attention on how I am doing things, not just what I am doing. This mindfulness has brought me to a much more meaningful and happy place in myself. Now that I have tapped into infinite love within myself, I feel that I can exercise constant change; of nature and humanity. This ebb and flow lifestyle helps eliminate judgment, fear, and stagnation in the soul. Constant change = constant growth.

I spent my first 2 months focusing on what my own intuitions were saying, trying to understand what this meant, and I internalized so much information. During the rest of my time here, I want to extend out to my community and share my love, compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and skills. Now that I am comfortably grounded here, I have a yoga class in the works, I love doing van runs, I am using my cosmetology tools, and I am making strong, honest, spiritual bonds with the people here.

I wake up everyday, and I know that I am truly blessed to be a part of Kalani. Hawaii feels like home. I want my innate lightheartedness and playfulness to comfort those around me and encourage them to enjoy themselves everyday.

Whittney Erskine, Newport, Kentucky