The Keys to (heavenly!) Kalani

Authored by: 
Richard Koob, Founder/Director

Toni and RichardKimo
Aloha all!

Kimo, I and some staff will be dancing hula in today's EARTH DANCE Global Prayer for

Kalani's mission
is to provide a fun, safe and educational retreat village which encourages ALOHA love for life in each person's own deepest way through participation in abundant nature, culture and wellness experiences.

The ALOHA Spirit
is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to cherish life and inspires each person to extend good feelings to others.
In the contemplation and presence of the life force, Aloha, the following unuhi laulâ loa (free translation) may be used:

· Akahai, e na Hawai’i —Modest are the people of Hawai’i. Through careful planning and conservation we can live with the resources available to us for generations to come.

· Lôkahi a ku like—We are unified, we work together in peace and harmony.

· `Olu`olu ka mana’o—Pleasant are our thoughts. By being positive we create a positive, loving community.

· Ha`aha`a kou kulana—We are humble, we need never feel insecure.

· Ahonui a lanakila—With patience and perseverance we keep moving forward.

These are traits of character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii's people. It is the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and is presented as a gift to the people of Hawaii.

The I'o (hawk) and Honu (turtle) logo
symbolize Kalani's goal to move slowly forward with peace and compassion, while having a clear overview of what is necessary to prosper while providing abundant nature-culture-wellness educational experiences.

Depicted are Hawaiian three chakra elements, which when in agreement, lead to pono (fair, correct) decisions of benefit to self, community, and home (local and global):

  • Mana'o is our rational thinking.
  • Pu'uwai is our heart-emotions-feelings.
  • Na'au is our intestines or gut intuition.

The Kalani logo 'aumakua (traditional animal guiding spirits),
the 'Io hawk, flies above and sees the big picture, while
the Honu turtle, swims below, carefully progressing forward.
Note the basic kindergarten rules for a wholesome life:

  • Love One's Self
  • Respect Others and
  • Take Care of Home, Local and Global.

These are harmonious partners with Kalani's NATURE-CULTURE-WELLNESS educational mission.

Loving One's Self is all about Wellness, living healthy, avoiding/overcoming addictions, embracing and celebrating life.

Respecting Others is the essence of living peacefully within the diverse Cultures of our multifaceted Kalani, Hawaii and world.

Taking Care of Home, Local and Global is simply honoring Nature, the `āina or land, literally that which nurtures us. Many contemporary religions are variations of indigenous beliefs centered around the cycles of the moon, earth and sun. Hawaiians, extraordinary gardners, fishermen, healers, orators, artists and navigators, particularly studied and honored the earth and skies.

YOU are invited
to join with us in the Kalani experience, as visiting guests, faculty, volunteers, cottage and land stewards, local residents and staff. Heaven on earth does just happen, when we honor and co-create with abundant nature, community and spirit.

Kalani ascend