Happy Huladays Reply

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Stef Douthit

Happy Huladays


I was a guest with the Hawaiian Temple Bodyworks retreat this past year, and I fell in love with Kalani!!! I just wanted to comment on your "Happy Huladays" email...how wonderful! It is exciting to hear of all your new projects, and I plan to contribute whatever I can...no matter how small an offering.

Kalani TRULY did give me heaven on earth, and helped me to EXPERIENCE something I have always known: my divinity. I witnessed myself, everyone around me as well as our beautiful Mother Earth all melded by Pele's spirit into a higher vibrational dimension that was to my senses and very soul HEAVEN!!!

To all of you there working so hard to make this place a reality for all to share, my heart offers all gratitude!!!

Stef Douthit