A Zen-like practice...

Authored by: 
Heather Breckenridge

Heather BreckinridgeThe short time I've been here has flown by, yet it seems much longer when I reflect on all the changes I've made and all that I've done here. The people, classes, and power of this island and this place has broken and shed old pieces of myself I didn't need.

I've opened up new/old facets of myself: more creative expression, laughter, closeness to Creator, a deeper love for humanity and nature, and a new inspired life for my body, mind and spirit.

I love waking up each day to a new set of adventures, yoga, singing, art, meditation, dancing, working in housekeeping, pool, delicious meals, lots and lots of great talks, and long luxurious hugs... and the list goes on.

I believe Kalani has a really nice balance of work and play. Without my service work, I'm not sure I would feel as grounded here - it has given me a Zen-like practice of Serving, and sense of belonging and community and a way to give back love to this place that has nurtured me so much. I try to give back love, joy, and peace through making beds, folding laundry, and having fun in all things remotely disgusting .