Tara's poem

Authored by: 
Tara Pollock

Tara Pollock
Since I arrived at Kalani a little over a month ago, I have felt a surge of creativity flowing through me. Perhaps it is Pele, the Goddess gracing this island, the alive landscape, the people… I can say for sure that I am feeling joy and presence more than ever before and for that I am grateful. This is a poem written in an inspired moment~

Grace bestows bounty to beautify
inner fires stoked by passion,
lessons in creation moving
from sorrow into change…
The harvest has come;
it is time to reclaim the wild.

Inability to constrict means
deep breathing into all aspects
which might have seemed scary.

Don’t want to relay the message
of truth today because
the mosaic keeps shifting
which lifts yet another veil
from my wondering eyes
now wandering the room.

Come from cocoon to full bloom
the butterfly sees far beyond the times,
settled down with transcendence
finding floetic rhythm of expansion
that means more than we know.

Humanness creeps in
deeply blending former selves
as an integration
of beauty and wealth
the abundance is astounding when
the echoes are left
to resound around the room
without pauses.

Actions have set cause into effect,
the sensual revolution
gaining respect with the
checking in of rebellious spirit
reflecting reasons beyond
the seasonal cycles which
predict us all.

We are falling
into realms beyond.

I am blessed out to realize
I know nothing,
humbling bowing before this wave~
a warrior of the heart
emerging from her cave.

- Tara Pollock