Missy Says

Authored by: 
Missy Cogdill

MIssy CogdillI witness people being compassionate and supportive of themselves and others.

I witness people not just thinking about themselves, but thinking about their part and place within the community so that we're not a bunch of individuals living near each other, but a community, a ohana being mindful of the needs and desires of others along with their own.

I witness people helping each other inside and outside of workplace rather than leaving it all for someone else.

I witness people observing their judgments and deciding to withhold them; knowing that their judgments aren't constructive for others and are only a reflection of the thoughts or beliefs of themselves.

I witness people witnessing the judgments of others and supporting them in their learning process and not taking those judgments personally.

I witness people being understanding, compassionate and supportive of others; realizing that we're each on our own journey learning and experiencing new parts of ourselves.

I witness people respecting the fact that there is not one set of "correct" beliefs or ways of life. I see people honoring the beliefs others have made for themselves; knowing that one set of beliefs can't fit everyone.

I witness people allowing others to choose their own beliefs even if they don't fully agree with them because they understand that no one knows what’s best for a person except for that person themselves. I see people understanding that beliefs change over time and allowing others to try and change beliefs as it is part of the learning process.

Thank you for being compassionate and supportive of me on my journey.

Mahalo Nui Loa!!