Guests Comments - 1st Quarter 2010

"This has been an amazing vacation for me.  Kalani is flawless.  Everyone has been so friendly and open.  I can't wait to come back.--"

"I have come to love this place very very quickly.  I enjoyed my short (but sweet stay) and know taht I will be back again.  I have already begun to recommend it to people back home.  I love you guys!  Thanx heaps."  -- Australia

"What a relaxing atmosphere... A place to feel free... uninhibited... thankful... peaceful... a place to learn new cultures... song... dance... customs...  - Mahalo! "

"You guys are doing great ~ I'm so glad you are still here.  I've been coming for years but hadn't made it back for six ~ you create a gentle fun creative nurturing healing space.  You ARE Hawaii for me.  I take you back to Lopez Island, WA with me and spread Aloha there.  Thank you."

"This space, this land is blessed.  Thank you for providing such a sacred space."

"Thank you for a wonderful week!  I am so impressed with the warm welcoming & peaceful community at Kalani.  I enjoyed my stay & will definitely be back.  I truly had a healing retreat - which was my ultimate goal.  Mahalo!"

"I really love your place.  All the staff are friendly and very positive!  Thank you so much!  Aloha!"

"My time at Kalani is refreshing and restorative.  I am drawn back every year.  My heart thanks you!  Mahalo."

"It is a nice place to stay.  The whole staff is very friendly and we got help all the time we needed.  Mahalo.  I'll take the spirit to Germany."

"My stay was truly a healing for me.  I came after major major trauma in my life.  I am returning to New York a changed person.  Having left my hurtful baggage here where it will seep into the lava."

"I have been coming here over several years.  It's a joy to see Kalani grow, the landscape & trees, the people and the refinement of the retreat facilities.  There was wonderful coordination among the volunteer staff ~ so seamless we hardly knew they were there except for the lovely atmosphere they control.  Mahalo"

"This is our 2nd & 3rd times here.  It will not be our last time!  Special place - Keep it wild & loving!"

"A very 'warm' and welcoming place.  We have really slowed down and relaxed as the week progressed.  the Aloha spirit is everywhere.  A very free and peaceful retreat.  Mahalo!"

"I really enjoyed my stay.  The food, service, housekeeping, volunteers were great.  It was great to be in a place where transgender bodies are safe and accepted.  There's not a lot of place where we are welcomed and unquestioned.  Thank you!"

"Kalani couldn't have been a better experience.  Thanks to everyone for creating/maintaining this!"

"Kalani is a oasis of beautiful people, land, and healing energy that resonates throughout."

"The main thing that comes to my mind when looking back at this last week is 'Kalani is Thankfulness'.  I'm so thankful to this place.  EVERYBODY has been so welcoming, warm, & caring.  I will come back in a heartbeat!...I've traveled a bit & this place has offered the best services I have expereinced so far.  I'll be back... with all my friends from Seattle."