Free is the gift of love

Authored by: 
Nicole Parente

Nicole ParenteLiving again breathing again. Breath is life.. Love is life. Love is opening your eyes and seeing the wind. Love is remembering yourself. Love is discovering yourself. Love is sacrifice. Love is letting your body relax. Love is letting your eyebrows melt to the floor. Love is the music of the coqui. Love is lava. Love is fire. Love is distance. Love is closeness. Love is a friend. Love is community. Love is smiling to a stranger. Love is warm tea on a cool night. Love is a midnight storm. Love is to share. Love is alive (I love being alive). Love is being. Love is attentive. Love is shy. Love is believing there's more than meets the eye. Love is a wave. Love is waving its arms wildly, announcing its presence in everything surrounding you. Love is in you - Love is you.

It's one thing to exist but its another to live. I watched others and myself grow in such beautiful ways.. I saw parts of my soul that have been hidden in darkness for a long time. I opened myself up to universal love and .. now everything is glowing. Kalani truly is heavenly. I remember watching people float effortlessly up to the lanai at meal times and thinking.. how different it is we all move at here. with such grace, such peace. no rushing around, trying to be something.. we are just being..

Kalani is a place where I felt both connected and disconnected in such a harmonious way. Nothing is permanent, nothing is absolute.. but that is simply the beauty of it all. to just feel every moment in such a blissful way. a spontaneous rain shower is just a quick chance to cleanse. the coqui frogs aren't keeping you up at night - they're singing you to sleep.

No where else have I seen so many people embracing life, giving love, receiving love. Reminding each other, to breathe..

With this breath I take, I realize.. Life belongs to you and I. Let us share it, not forget it, share it freely. Free is the gift of love. All is ours in a world of love.. Love is all ~