A Reflection on Blue Hands

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Blue Hands group in Japanese Garden

I am still enroute back to San Francisco after a lovely couple of days in Waikiki which was perfectly sunny and busy.

One of my most powerful experiences at Kalani happened on Saturday morning. Adi had recommended the sunrise at the point on the very first day at Kalani and I had yet to make it, so I forced myself out of bed and walked down to the point. It was a bit gray and overcast, so I did not get much of a sunrise, but I did watch the Windex blue waves crashing against the rocks. It started to rain and someone had conveniently left a small umbrella on the bench. A coincidence, perhaps, but a metaphor, maybe.

As I walked back up the long road I noticed every bird and blossom along the way. I shed a few tears remembering my first love Tony, who loved Hawaii so much. I also remembered all of the experiences of the week - snorkeling, exuberant dancing, being lovingly massaged by JaRed and Dennis, the waterfall, coconut macadamia oatmeal, buying noni juice and drinking kava in Hilo, the Japanese Garden picnic, learning the hula with Jonathan/Kimo, smoking with Dave and the Berkeley boys, swimming naked with Wallace, the horticultural tour with Barcus, Jim's doses of daily philosophy, the Russians in the sauna with Dennis and so much more.

When I got back to Mauka, I realized that the journey to Inspiration Point was not at all about the seeing sunrise, but the about clarity that morning light brings to the present and the past, the quiet time to be mindful of our surroundings. I take that morning clarity into the future along with the metaphor of the umbrella that was there when I needed it. I took it back to the bench before I left and hope that someone else will find all that they need for their journey at Kalani.

Aloha and Mahalo to you all, Lorenzo