Imagine Kalani!

Authored by: 
Ruth Tremato

Ruth - Kalani Volunteer in HawaiiWhen a friend of mine first invited me to spend time at Kalani, I tried to figure out what Kalani was all about. I couldn’t figure it out, but I liked the website and what my friend was saying.  Besides, what can be not great about Hawaii?  So I arranged my work life as my husband’s office manager and committed to 2 months in the volunteer program.

Now, after my 2-month stay, if I had to describe Kalani to someone, I would say:

Imagine living in a natural storybook Hawaiian jungle with all the amenities we are accustomed to but none of the stressors.

Imagine playing in a huge non-chlorinated pool, hiking as much or as little as you like, and luxuriating in a hot tub.

Imagine working in a greedless apolitical environment where you simply get to focus on the task at hand and on having a pleasant experience.

Imagine eating three luscious balanced nutrient-rich life-promoting meals a day without a thought given to grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, calories, blood sugars, or food combining.

Imagine that the biggest decision you have to make in your day is choosing an inspiring class/seminar/interactive group that you would like to attend.

Imagine instantly being a part of a supportive community. Accepted for who you are, on the path to discovering who you really are.

I once overheard a volunteer coordinator say “you are just going to be yourself when you come here.”  I am not sure what context he said it in, but what could be more empowering than that? 

You come to Kalani to be yourself - your true self.  You come to a place where you have no responsibilities to hide behind and no stressors to cloud your thinking.  You come to a place where you are surrounded by awesomely beautiful life-affirming nature, and where you are immersed in a culture of love and support. 

You come to a place where you are reminded of who you really are and you understand your true heart’s desire better than ever before.  You come to a place where paradigm shifts are the norm and where magic, for a lack of a better term, can happen.

Thank you, Kalani, for a hearty dose of love, clarity and sanity!