Awaken Your Connection with Spirituality and Nature

Author: Sally Writes

If you have already organized a visit to Kalani, chances are, you are keenly aware of the importance of finding balance in your life. In our daily lives, we can become obsessed with material pursuits, often ignoring the importance of our physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Spirituality, the recognition that there is a higher force connecting humanity and living things, has the potential to make us happier, according to recent research. There have been various studies on the subject, but findings are conclusive: those who make time for a rich spiritual life in company, have stumbled on at least one vital key to happiness.

What Benefits Can Spirituality Bring to our Lives?

The sense of belonging to a community of supportive individuals is one powerful benefit that spirituality can bring. Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or your chosen religious faith, the ability to connect with those who value what lies beyond the material, serves to reduce the isolation and depression which arise when we lack connection.

Taking part in mindful activities can also benefit our mental health greatly, by reducing stress, improving mood, and even helping us get a better night’s sleep. Facing life without a powerful tool such as yoga, meditation, or other spiritual practices, is like landing in the middle of a battle scene unarmed.

Through mindfulness activities, we have a unique opportunity to be truly present in ‘the spectacular now,’ recognizing our feelings and thoughts – both good and bad – without allowing them to lead us into a negative mindset.


What Role does Nature Play in Spirituality?

For many ancient tribes, it was impossible to conceive of spirituality without nature. If you regularly practice yoga then you must have noticed the big difference in quality between a session in a gym and practice by the serene beauty of the seaside or mountains. Nature helps us comprehend the value spirituality has in our lives, with hardly any effort. Most people concede that a serene natural landscape has the ability to instantly transport them to higher ground.

In Japan, there is a popular pastime called shinrin-yoku (‘forest bathing’), which is often prescribed for stressed executives battling anxiety and depression. It sounds exotic, but is actually quite simple: it involves entering a forest  and really awakening the senses to the beauty around you. 

Study after study has pointed to the many health benefits spirituality and being in the Great Outdoors can provide – including the improvement of mental health, better academic and work performance, an improved memory, etc.

As far as spirituality is concerned, there could be no better setting than nature to experience it in all its majesty.

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Posted by Lisa Disinger