Kundalini Warrior Training

Kundalini Warrior Training

Event Info:

  • Apr 29, 2017
  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Energy Exchange: $40 Guests & Kama'aina, $20 Kalani Volunteers


Cultivating Mastery of Mind, Body, Spirit: An Intensive Workshop with Jade Rajbir Kaur

In this safe space, Jade will share practical powerful tools of wisdom from her 20+ years spent training & teaching Martial Arts, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong & Sat Nam Rasayan. You will leave feeling clear, strong, and empowered on every level of your Being.

In this Intensive Experience, we will cover aspects of:
– Physical Protection (Basic Self-Defense, Basic Fight Stances & Posturing)
– Mental Mastery (The Proper Usage of the Positive, Negative & Neutral Mind)
– Spiritual Strength (Strengthening your Auric Field & Multidimensional Senses, Mantra-Spells)
– Redeeming the Past (Meditations to Clear Karma & Heal Trauma)
– Creating Your Victorious Future (Beaming your Frequency, Conscious Creation)

***Eat lightly and wear comfortable exercise clothes.***

Investment: $40 Kalani Guests | $30 Kama’aina | $20 Kalani Volunteers

Jade Rajbir Kaur is the Founder of SOUL EVOLution Coaching, SOULRebirthing & The Radiant Lotus Retreats – offering 1-10 day Transformational Healing Immersions. After an intense young life, Jade immersed herself in mastering countless modalities of healing, wellness and self-development work. Her passion is to utilize her lifetime of experience and wisdom to help others heal and clear out blocks, so that they too, can access their Infinite Power, Freedom and Purpose.

Please inquire if you’re ready for your next level of Soul Evolution. www.theradiantlotus.org


Registration: Contact Tony at 808-965-0468 ext:108 or email [email protected]. You may also register by contacting our Guest Services team at 808-965-7828.