How To Get Your Hawaii State Massage License

A career in massage therapy offers freedom and flexibility while creating well-being for others. Massage is also a great tool to add to your therapeutic or healing toolbox at any age. To offer massage professionally, you’ll need training AND a license from the massage licensing board in your state.

In Hawaii, there are two pathways students can follow to become a Hawaii state licensed massage therapist. One pathway is to attend a Department of Education (DOE) approved massage school. The other is to attend a ‘pre-licensing’ workshop at a licensed massage establishment, then complete an apprenticeship program.

The Hawaii Massage School at Kalani has been offering Hawaii State approved massage workshops and apprenticeships since 2003.   

Hawaii’s Dept. of Commerce and Consumer affairs approves licensed massage establishments to offer 150 hrs. of workshops whose course content is  as follows:

  • Anatomy, physiology and structural kinesiology (maximum 50 hours)
  • Theory and demonstration of massage which shall include: the proper procedure in massaging, record keeping, hygiene, theory, techniques for specific conditions contraindications of massage for specific techniques according to conditions, draping and assessment of the client’s conditions and the general technique to be applied (maximum 100 hours).  

Kalani’s massage program offers students the chance to train with multiple different instructors, each of whom have been licensed practitioners for 10 years or longer.  We expose students to various modalities (Swedish massage, Lomilomi massage, deep tissue massage, Traditional Thai massage, etc.)

After completing these workshops the student is eligible to do an apprenticeship for the remaining 420 hours of training required in Hawaii.   Students can apprentice with any person who has had their Hawaii state massage license for 3 or more years and currently works at a licensed massage establishment.   

Hawaii Massage School at Kalani offers an apprenticeship program which meets the State criteria of:

  • 70 hours clinical operations
  • 40 hours advanced techniques
  • 310 hours hands-on supervised massage with record keeping

During the apprenticeship program students receive further training and guidance from the instructors of the ‘pre licensing’ workshop and also have the opportunity to  be exposed to advanced techniques in aquatic bodywork and Shiatsu

The hands on supervised massage happens in our student clinic which is open 2 days a week and keeps our apprentices consistently booked with members of the Kalani community and the larger Puna community.   Apprentices receive the valuable training opportunity to see many different clients as well as having repeat customers where they can delve deeper into working on problem areas over a series of sessions. 

At the completion of the apprenticeship portion of the training students are then eligible to apply for and take the Hawaii State Massage Board licensing exam.

 Hawaii Massage School at Kalani is located at Hawaii’s largest and oldest retreat center located along the beautiful Puna coast of the Big Island.   The classroom is located in a retreat cluster surrounded by tropical foliage,  just minutes walk from our pool and spa where students can enjoy a swim pre and post class or during breaks, and our dining lanai where students eat their delicious complimentary lunch.    

For additional information or further assistance in obtaining your Hawaii State Massage License, email us or give us a call at 808-965-7828.

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Posted by Drew Daniels