Kalani Lava Update: May 2018

Information Update – Temporary Campus Closure

Letter from Joel Tan, Executive Director

Aloha ‘Ohana,

As of Monday, May 7, Kalanihonua’s retreat and wellness center operations are temporarily closed due to the Kīlauea lava flow in Lower Puna. Our management and board of directors feel this is right decision given the presence of toxic gases, continued earthquake activity, and road closures that threaten the safety of our beloved community members. This has been difficult for all us with with little to no time for proper farewells. Nonetheless, we submit to the urgency of the situation and with great humility and reverence. We step back, bow, and surrender to Tūtū Pele’s might.

As I write this letter, there is yet no foreseeable end to the lava activity. Hence we don’t know when we can restart our operations. According to scientist Tina Neal of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, “We don’t quite know where the pressure will be. I wish volcanoes worked like clocks and were predictable.” While we have temporarily shut down our retreat, pool, and wellness operations, we are keeping our Hale Aloha store and Kitchen dining lanai open for our community members remaining in the area. We will do this for as long as we can to support our neighbors.  

We continue to exit staff and volunteers. Our current plan is to identify and relocate our operations to safer ground and streamline our staffing to a core crew that will be responsible critical functions, disaster recovery fundraising, and reopening.  

What can you do to help?  We need you to stay in touch. Over time, we can replace our campus but we cannot replace our ‘ohana, the lifeforce of Kalanihonua. You can help keep the connection strong and constant via our Kalani ‘Ohana and Kalani Oceanside Facebook pages, and on Instagram. We will need donations to keep up minimized operations and volunteer labor when we restart again. Prior to Kilauea’s flow, Kalanihonua was already fundraising for key projects. Now more than ever we need these resources to help rebuild.  

I believe there is a blessing in all of this, and an opportunity before us. It may be challenging to see this Kīlauea’s awakening as a gift when our reality suddenly shifts to wearing gas masks, hurriedly packing cars with our most precious items, and seeing whole neighborhoods consumed by fire. Despite all this, I am reminded of Kumu Ryan McCormack’s teachings about Puna Kai and the deep song of generosity that is Puna Kai. I believe that this drastic and sudden change is a generous gift of nature, of our place and relationship to ‘āina. For those affected and displaced, this is our invitation as represented by Hi‘iaka, our patron deity of rebirth, for new growth and renewal.  

I am certain more will soon be revealed for all of us. Kindly check back often for updates.

With love and aloha, JBT


More information will be published daily. We will be able to share information very soon regarding reservations, public programming and classes, wellness treatments and dining. We will communicate next steps as soon as future plans are established. Thank you for your patience and support. We love you all.

Recent earthquake activity on Kilauea’s south flank and lava eruptions in the Leilani Estates Subdivision are affecting air quality. Even though Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported this morning that volcanic activity has subsided, Kalani leadership – out of an abundance of caution – has decided to begin temporarily closing down business operations beginning today, Monday, May 7. At this time, it is uncertain for how long we will remain closed, and we will post updates to Kalani.com, Kalani ‘Ohana Facebook page, Kalani Oceanside Facebook page, and via email.

We understand this is difficult information to receive, and it is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement. We feel it of utmost importance to protect the well-being of all ‘ohana. Although our immediate area has not received evacuation orders from Civil Defense, given the current uncertainty of the lava flow, staff and volunteer discomfort and concern over the air quality, and keeping in mind our mission to provide a level of experience that is largely defined by our pristine environment and our committed team, a temporarily closure is our best option.

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Posted by Kalani Honua