Lemurian Wisdom Retreat | July 6, 2017 - July 16, 2017

Lemurian Wisdom Retreat

Lemurian Wisdom Retreat

The Lemurian Wisdom Retreat is a life-changing experience in which participants connect back to the cultural roots of the continent that was once where today there are the islands of Hawaii.
The program includes Lemurian Akash-reactivating Pineal Toning, EMF Balancing Technique workshops, both for the benefit of this reconnection to Lemuria, a Dolphin Swim, some exploration of Hawaiian nature and culture, and two events with priestess Kahuna Kalei’iliah: a traditional ceremony near the volcano and a Talk Story morning including short personal readings.

The Hawaiian Quest’s Lemurian Wisdom Retreat is the event of a life-time. It starts on July 6 th (arrival day) in Kailua-Kona. The group moves over to stay at Kalani on July 11th (day 5 of the program).

Day 1-3:
The first three days, the group enjoys Akash-reactivating and rejuvenating Pineal Toning with Marc Drost in the mornings. In the afternoons, we continue with workshops of the EMF Balancing Technique with Ingrid Cella for the benefit of deepening our connection to our ancient Lemurian roots. This program is run in a large open room in the Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary.
In the evenings, there is time to explore the beautiful historic Kailua village, offering a rich cultural experience while providing excellent restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities,including a farmers’ market.
The first workshops days lead up to three days of peak experiences:

Day 4-6:
Day 4 features a Dolphin Swim, a deeply-felt exceptional meeting with our spiritual relatives living in the oceans supporting humanity in its development, who often inwardly take us to the very core of who we really are.
When the group moves from Holiday Inn Kailua-Kona to the east side of Big Island on day 5, an ancient ceremony is run in front of Pele (the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, dance and volcanoes) near Kilauea caldera by Hawaiian Priestess Kahuna Kalei’iliahi. Here, we are being connected to the spirit guardian of Big Island who has been here from the very beginnings. In the evening, we move in in Kalani, the perfect resort on this side of the island for the second part of this breathtaking, or: breath-renewing, event.
On the following day, Kahuna Kalei’liahi hosts a Talk Story event informing us of the true history of Lemurians, Hawaiians and the souls who once lived here, their paths on planet Earth and, in short private readings, about our individual place in this history. Optional: The personal readings can be continued in one-on- one sessions in the afternoon.
Thus, the participants go back to collective and individual memories in order to carry them into our new times, to profit from and to spread a higher consciousness when they return home.

Day 7-9:
Our workshops will be continued inside Kalani, now in greater depth due to the dolphin experience and the insights gained in deep connection to our soul’s memory, intensified by these three days with unique experiences.
We will go on raising our energy level with Pineal Toning rund by Marc in the mornings. In the afternoons, we will have the following workshop series together with Ingrid: The Language of Colors; The Colors of Lemuria; The Magic of Colors for a Balanced Life Today.
Towards the end of the event, the idea is to spread the energy of a now higher awareness of what we and all humanity are here for on Earth to the whole planet in a group meditation.

Why you?
The Lemurian Wisdom Retreat is designed for people who do – or don’t yet – remember, know, or suspect they have been around on this planet before this lifetime and want to (re)connect to the energy, life concepts and wisdom of ancient Lemuria or later Hawaii.

Why be there?
- To achieve your full human potential by tapping into your ancient and innate capabilities.
- For the benefit of an elevated consciousness, an enhanced and deeper life experience.
- To set the stage for personal and general developments beyond our mind’s present reach.
- For synchronicities to more and more work hand in hand with our true soul’s desires of expansion.

You do not need to know in detail what is driving you here. Listen to your inner feelings and trust it when the magnificent and magical Hawaii and its venerable wisdoms are calling you.


To Register and for More Information:

Catherine May
Phone: 1-844-QUEST-HI // 1-808-217-7575
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hawaiianquest.com

Retreat Fees

Standard tuition for retreat participants: $3,950 per person / $2,950 per person for couples.

*Offsite Commuter: Does not include accommodations.
**Kama'aina Commuter: Does not include accommodations. A valid Hawaii state-issued ID or driver's license must be presented at check-in to receive the kama'aina rate.

Extend Your Stay at All-Inclusive Retreat Rates!

Book your early arrival or extended stay at all-inclusive retreat rates. Contact a registrar for rate information and availability.

Airport Transportation

Kalani offers shuttle service from Hilo International Airport (ITO), which can be arranged via Kalani Guest Services, [email protected] or 808.965.0468. Please send flight details, including airline carrier and flight number with your shuttle request. We also pick up from the downtown Hilo bus station and hotels. Shuttle service is subject to availability; one-way pricing is $50 per person for shared rides and $75 per person for single bookings. If you require airport shuttle service, please contact us to make your reservation a minimum of one week in advance.

Taxi service is available from ITO or Hilo Downtown for a one-way fare of approximately $125.


Cancellations up to 7 days in advance of arrival incur a $75 administrative fee. Cancellations within 7 days of arrival incur forfeiture of fees paid up to $250. No refund will be provided for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled arrival, 4:00 pm on check-in date. No refund will be provided for early departures from retreat programs. Participation in any parts of programs at Kalani Honua is completely voluntary.

Kalani Honua reserves the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during or after a program if one:

  • Becomes dangerous or harmful to self, others, or property
  • Behaves disruptively or inappropriately
  • Is not able, for whatever reason, to be present for learning
  • Breaks the law
  • Refuses to cooperate with program leaders or Kalani Honua management
  • Does not pay accordingly for program or services provided
  • Facilitated by: Marc Drost,
    Ingrid Cella,
    Kahuna Kalei'iliahi
  • Dates: July 6, 2017 - July 16, 2017
Marc Drost
Marc Drost
Marc Drost is living his passion for music through singing, teaching and composing. In addition, he lives to experience oneness and connection, seeking out and sharing the simplest tools at various encounters and events. Lately his focus has been on harmonic singing, heart connections and moving beyond gender identification. He will be you teacher of Pineal Tones, as channeled and taught by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.
Email: [email protected]
Ingrid Cella
Ingrid Cella
Ingrid is a teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique ®, Reflection ®, the psychology of color, numerology and psychosomatics. On the first three days, Ingrid will run the workshop 'Discovering the Universal Calibration Lattice ® – How to mine our Lemurian Akash.' She will support us in the alignment with our multi-dimensional Self, in reaching out for our Lemurian identity and in putting it into the overarching perspective on our mission over a stream of lifetimes on planet Earth leading up to the one in the here and now. On the last three days, we will focus on colors with her: the language of color, the colors of Lemuria and the magic of colors for a balanced life today. With her, we transform our newly-found wisdom into action for our times.
Email: [email protected]
Kahuna Kalei'iliahi
Kahuna Kalei'iliahi
Kahuna Wahine Ali'i Nui Kalei'iliahi is a kanaka maoli (aboriginal) of Hawai'i. She carries the royal blood of a pure Lemurian and comes from a long line of Spiritual Kahuna (priest/shaman) and Ali'i (chiefs/chiefesses). Among the gifts she carries as Ambassador to the Ancients is that she is a seer, medium, meta-physician, spiritual healer, Keeper of the Lemurian Truths and channel for many magnificent Holy Beings. Kahuna Kalei'iliahi has worked with people both on island and worldwide, spreading her mana (divine energy) and doing her sacred ceremonies and spiritual readings. She lives with her husband Lopaka on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
Website: http://www.kaleiiliahi.com