Social Media

 Jamie Hawkens)

Kalani’s community - in Hawai‘i and around the world - has become a melting pot of diverse cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences, where we celebrate conscious exploration of our individual paths. Being at Kalani offers us the freedom to discover our true selves, while being of service to our community. When we leave Kalani, we are empowered to integrate and share our learnings with our fellow travelers.

As stewards of Kalani and of Planet Earth, we believe it is our kuleana (responsibility) to be creators of positive change in the world. One of the ways Kalani realizes this responsibility is through our participation in social media. By contributing our unique perspective, grounded by Hawaiian wisdom, we accelerate the collective evolutionary process.

We invite you to join our social spaces and tap into the magic of aloha, no matter where you are. Whenever you like, share, tag, or simply enjoy our content, you are adding to the ripple effect.

When we join together in community, we create unlimited possibility!

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