Welcome to the New Kalani.com

This digital portal to our jungle paradise represents a 4-year culmination of my journey as a Kalani volunteer.

After a decade in NYC, I gave away my belongings and headed to the Big Island of Hawaii to volunteer in the kitchen at Kalani Honua, translated literally as “harmony of heaven and earth.” My family thought I’d be gone for three months, not realizing I wished to extend my stay in Hawaii as long as possible — before relocating somewhere “normal” like San Francisco or Portland.

Also, no one thought I’d make it very long living in a tent.


But they were wrong. Not only did I thrive in my tent (not much smaller than my Manhattan studio), within my first two months at Kalani, I offered up my ad agency experience and scored a spot on the Communications team. In my new role, I got to write for Kalani’s newsletter and social media accounts and produce special events.

At Kalani, I found new inspiration, a channel for my creativity and an opportunity for continuous learning.

Three months and a hurricane later, I met my partner.


And then — in the magical way that when you’re open to new possibilities and willing to grow, one thing leads to another — my part-time Communications gig led to becoming the department manager, which led to becoming the Director of Storytelling as part of Kalani’s new Executive team.

Four years ago, I was browsing Kalani’s website from my Wall Street apartment, thinking: “This place seems amazing. I would really like to make them a new website.” Now, the project has come to fruition and the cycle is complete. Do you need further evidence of the power of manifestation and that thoughts become things?

I invite you to explore our new website through this lens, where all possibilities exist, magic happens, and dreams most definitely do come true — if you have what it takes to manifest them. In my experience, this involves perseverance and a healthy dose of trust. Leaps of faith are not optional.

If you’d like to invite more magic and nature into your life, you can learn more about the Kalani Volunteer Program here.

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Posted by Ali Slous