Kalani Aquatic Bodywork Training Courses

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January 1, 2014 - January 1, 2015

Kalani Aquatic Bodywork Program

These courses are part of the Kalani Aquatic Bodywork Training Institute with the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (www.waba.edu).

The Healing Dance Practitioner Program consists of 200 hours of water courses, 206 hour massage program and 45 hours of practicum and supervision. Click here for more information on certification.

For information on the Watsu Practitioner Program go to www.waba.edu.

Stay tuned! - Upcoming dates to be announced soon.

Courses offered:

This 16 hour course is designed to acquaint participants with Watsu. Students will learn to support someone and stay grounded in water. They will learn the body mechanics that underlie Watsu by first flowing them as in Tai Chi, and then with a person in their arms.

Intro to Healing Dance - July 25 and 26, 2014 (Alexis Lee)

This 16 hour course is designed to acquaint participants with the Healing Dance. Students will learn a simple practice sequence that will prepare them to take Healing Dance I.

Basic Watsu Nov 17 and 18 (Alexis Lee)
Basic Watsu moves open all Watsu sessions and are the first third of what is taught in Watsu 1. In this 16 hour course you will learn a progression of moves that you can share with anyone.

Watsu 1 Nov 17-22 2014 (Alexis Lee)
This is a 50 hour course introducing aquatic bodywork. You will learn how to hold someone in the water using a sequence of movements, and incorporate presence, communication, and learn the importance of a heart-based session.

Watsu 2 Nov 24-29  2014 (Alexis Lee)
Prerequisite:  Watsu I.
This 50 hour course builds on the sequence learned in Watsu I and adds shiatsu massage.

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