LIVING IN BLISS ~ 8 Day Hawaii Retreat with Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massarro

December 14, 2014 - December 21, 2014

Join us for a super exciting 7 nights, 8 day residential retreat in Hawaii!! This retreat’s theme is: Living in Bliss We are very excited to finally see a Bentinho retreat at Hawaii become a reality! Thanks to many of you for persisting in your request for this to happen. Prices: Event price = $1260 This includes: Venue and logistical expenses, retreat lodging service fees and the 8 Day retreat tuition fee. Lodging and food is paid for independent from us, and depends on what option you arrange for with the Kalani retreat center. The cheapest lodging + food option would be: $735 The most expensive lodging + food option is: $1,505. There are many options in between. These options are for 7 nights, including food. The earliest meal included in the lodging price is dinner upon the day of arrival (December 14) and the last meals included are breakfast and lunch on the day of departure (December 21). Cheapest all-inclusive option (lodging, food, tuition, and venue fees) would be: $1,995, for 8 days at the Big Island of Hawaii with Bentinho and community.

About the Facilitator(s)

 Bentinho is an iconoclast of spiritual culture. A breath of fresh air in a sea of similar voices. He embodies potent magic, infinite depth, and brain-surgery-clarity, in a combination difficult to imagine without soaking in and living out what he’s offering.

He points to a freedom everyone desires and many speak to, with creativity and an abundantly fresh tool box of practical techniques. The quality of freedom he’s offering has an acceleration factor that impacts human life in profound ways, ushering us into a whole new level of human evolution. And every other possible amazing story that could be dreamed up, because it is unlocking the source, the fabric, and the next unknown expression of All That Is. All that we are.

If you’ve been longing to hear your own heart spoken back to you, there’s a good chance listening to him will grant your wishes. And because a cornerstone of his teaching is a commitment to each person’s complete independence and authority shining brightly, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the author of the whole conversation.”


For More Information:

Bentinho Massaro Living in Bliss Hawaii Retreat

Workshop Fees

Fees include meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna. Details for off-site participation are also included below.

Tropical/Ocean Cottage – Private Bath

Cottage Triple – 3 persons at $135 per person per night

Cottage Double – 2 persons at $185 per person per night

Cottage Single – 1 person at $290 per person per night

Tree House – Private Bath

Tree House Triple – SOLD OUT

Tree House Double – SOLD OUT

Tree House Single – SOLD OUT

Private Bungalows with Private Bathrooms

Bungalow Double – SOLD OUT

Bungalow Single – SOLD OUT

Lodge Rooms with Private Bathrooms

Lodge Triple Private Bath – 6 persons at $105 per person per night

Lodge Double Private Bath – 8 persons at $125 per person per night

Lodge Single Private Bath – 2 persons at $175 per person per night

Off-Site Participants:

If you are not staying in lodging at Kalani, please take the following steps to join the retreat:

1) Tuition: $1660
Register & purchase the workshop at Bentinho's Massaro's website:

2) Register as an off-site participant with Kalani
Off-Site Participants must register with Kalani before their retreat and are advised to purchase the meal plan for convenience and to foster their experience with their retreat community. Meals may be bought a la carte; however, they must be purchased before meal times at Guest Services or Hale Aloha. They are not sold at the Kitchen. Please consider your program's schedule when choosing not to be on the meal plan.

Option 1: Off-Site Participant Package with meals - $400

Option 2: Off-Site Participant Fee without meals - $50

* Prices subject to change without notice.