The Writer's Toolbox: Enhancing Your Narrative Skills for Fiction & Nonfiction

Lisa Alpine

January 11, 2014

Fill your writer's toolbox with skills that can be applied to many styles of writing encompassing both short story and book-length projects; fiction and nonfiction. Participants will learn how to bring their stories to life with writing exercises and discussion focusing on these key aspects of the craft:.
  • Gathering and using direct quotes and dialog.
  • Weaving a sensual tapestry.
  • Setting the scene.
  • Injecting levity and humor.
  • Researching and incorporating useful, interesting, and unique details that may include history, politics, science to enhance and inform.
  • Presenting quirks, twists, and the unexpected.

Hours: 10 am - 4 pm.

Location:  TBD

About the Facilitator(s)


Lisa Alpine's nonfiction adventure stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Mambo Poa 2013, Travel Stories From Around the Globe 2012, Travelers’ Tales The Best Travel Writing 2011, Lonely Planet’s Tales From Nowhere, I Should Have Stayed Home, Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why, and many more. And they have been winning awards. Trumpets of Warning was awarded the 2013 Solas bronze. Rada's Bloom is the winner of the 2012 Solas Awards gold medal for Most Unforgettable Character. 

Lisa is the author of Exotic Life: Laughing Rivers, Dancing Drums and Tangled Hearts winner of the BAIPA Book Award for Best Women's Adventure Memoir and is available on Amazon in print and digital formats.
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Workshop Fees

Course Fee: $80 for either class or $150 for this and February 8 classes combined.

Fee includes workshop only. Lunch available for purchase.