Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism, and Art

Maurice Fernandez, Rick Levine, Kaypacha, Margaret Gray, Linda Tucker, and more…

River of Stars 2015 Astrology Conference

Touch the Stars, Remember the Truth!

The River of Stars Astrology Conference is designed to connect the Heavens with Earth – learning Astrology and Sacred Sciences through presentations, shamanism, ceremony, art, yoga and immersion into the beautiful Hawaiian nature. An unforgettable experience!

March 12-15, 2015 (Main Conference)

May 9-20, 2015 (with Pre/Post Conference Programs)

About the Facilitator(s)

Rick Levine – magi, world renown Astrologer

Linda Tucker – Keeper of the South African White Lions, Animal Communicator 

Maurice Fernandez – world renown Astrology author and presenter

Kaypacha – World renown Astrologer, and author or the U-tube Pele Report

And many more…


Workshop Fees

Vendors: $350

-          Main conference: $390

-          Pre conference: $300 (space limited)

-          Post conference: $410 (space limited)



-          Main conference: $260

-          One day: $100

-          Pre conference: $250

-          Post conference: $290

5% increase after Oct 31

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