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Update: NOW EXTENDED offering a Summer Special for Volunteer Program Applicants!

Volunteer Program Applicants who submit an application from June 3rd onward, receive acceptance, and can arrive prior to September 5th, will receive $300 off tuition. This offer is valid ​for new and​ returning volunteers. ​(Special is not applicable to the Skilled Trade Program or Sabbatical program.)

We have immediate openings for IT technicians in our Skilled Trade Program!

We are currently filling availability in the Volunteer Program for the spring and summer months!

Submit your application for now through Fall 2016. For the greatest chance of acceptance into our programs, we recommend applying six months prior to the time you wish to join us. Those with the most flexibility (timing, department, camping/lodging) may receive priority placement.
"Kalani is one of the most potent and nurturing retreat centers in the world." - Shiva Rea

Welcome to Kalani - Big Island, Hawai‘i

Kalani is a volunteer-run, non-profit educational village and retreat center that celebrates nature, Hawaiian culture, and wellness. Kalani is the #1 repeat destination for volunteers on the Big Island. Here's what our volunteers are saying about Kalani:

  • "I learned how to have fun again."
  • "This is nurturing for body and soul."
  • "Everyone has been so friendly and open. I can't wait to come back."
  • "Kalani is the place I decided I was ready to live".
  • "I am returning to New York a changed person."

Here are some features of the Kalani community experience:

  • Community dining experience with world-famous fresh, organic, local food
  • Volunteer activities including bonfires, open mic night, and staff trips
  • A retreat center environment that supports spiritual and personal exploration
  • Opportunities to learn about Hawaiian culture, Hula, Watsu, and various Healing Modalities.
  • Nature excursions like snorkeling with Hawaiian fish, sea turtles and dolphins
  • Culturally and diverse, open-minded community; tolerance for all different lifestyles and belief systems
  • Chance to cultivate lifelong frienships and relationships

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Volunteer Program

Kalani's volunteer program offers the opportunity to experience life within a community, enjoy a variety of activities and experiences, and learn and grow while serving our guests and visitors.

Volunteer Information

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Phone: 808-965-0468 ext. 117
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