What should I pack?

Hawaii Island is an incredible collection of many diverse micro-environments, each with its own weather. Kalani Honua is located in the rainforest of East Hawaii, so you may want to bring a travel umbrella and light rain jacket with you.  

The Hawaii Tourism Authority’s website abounds with useful information for those planning a visit to the Aloha State. Check out Travel Safety Tips provided by the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii. 

The most helpful thing you can bring is a reusable water bottle that can be refilled at stations across campus. We do not sell bottled water and appreciate your help in reducing waste and protecting the environment. Reusable water bottles are available for sale in the campus store if you need one, and cups are available during meal service.

We recommend you bring the following items. Items marked with an asterisk (*) may be available in our campus store:

• Alarm clock
• Bathing suit
• Batteries (for headlamps or flashlights – it gets very dark at night!)*
• Beach towel (towels are provided for pool and hot tub use at Kalani)
• Books*
• Bug repellant*
• Camera
• Cash for excursions, shopping, etc. (the nearest ATM is located approximately 5 miles away)
• Flashlight or headlamp (the flashlight on your cell phone can work too)
• Flip flops, sandals (slippahs)*
• Hat
• Laptop (WiFi available in select locations)
• Lightweight raincoat
• Long sleeve shirts/sweatshirts and pants (for cooler evenings or trips to Volcanoes National Park)
• Medications (common over the counter products*)
• Mobile device/MP3 player and headphones
• Phone card for making long-distance calls (mobile service is limited)*
• Shorts
• Skirts, dresses, sarongs*
• Snorkel gear (available for rent at Guest Services)
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen*
• T-shirts, tank tops*
• Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.*)
• Travel umbrella
• Water shoes
• Your favorite yoga mat and props (our studio spaces include yoga mats, blankets, blocks, and straps)

Kalani provides:

• Bedding
• Bath Towels
• Body soap (unscented)
• Ear Plugs
• Towels for Pool Use

Is Kalani clothing-optional?

No, Kalani’s pool area is clothing-optional; however clothing is required in all other public locations on-campus. Swimwear is required if you are receiving treatment in our therapeutic bodywork pool.

What is Kalani’s participation policy?

Participation in any parts of programs at Kalani Honua is completely voluntary. Kalani Honua reserves the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during or after a program if one:

  • Becomes dangerous or harmful to self, others, or property
  • Behaves disruptively or inappropriately.
  • Is not able, for whatever reason, to be present for learning
  • Breaks the law
  • Refuses to cooperate with program leaders or Kalani Honua  management
  • Does not pay accordingly for a program or services provided 

What can I do at Kalani?

Please check our weekly schedule at Guest Services for the week’s activities. Kalani offers around 50 classes per week, including yoga, dance, nature and permaculture tours, and hands-on Hawaiian culture classes like lei-making and hula. Pricing varies per class, and is indicated on our weekly schedule.

Guests who have purchased the all-inclusive Kalani Experience package will enjoy access to all classes without added charges (special events excluded).

Retreat participants will be provided with a separate activity schedule by their facilitator. Retreat participants may also attend Kalani classes as their retreat schedule allows. All standard fees apply.

Do you have a gym?

We affectionately refer to our open-air fitness center as the “jungle gym.” It is available 24 hours daily and offers basic free weights and equipment. We do not have fitness machines or cardio equipment, as we encourage our community and guests to use our phenomenal natural environment as the setting for walking, running, and biking.

How do I get to Kalani?

Kalani Honua’s physical address is 12-6860 Kalapana-Kapoho Road, Pahoa, HI 96778. Kalani is nestled in the lush jungle of East Hawaii along “The Red Road” and provides the perfect opportunity to disconnect. It takes a little extra effort and time to get to Kalani, and you’ll reap the benefit of our remote location as you reconnect with nature and unwind.

Driving to Kalani from the Hilo International Airport (ITO); 35 miles / 60 minutes
  • Leaving the Hilo airport, turn left at traffic light onto Kanoelehua Ave/ Highway 11 South
  • Continue onHighway 11 until you are out of town (about 5.9 miles), then turn left onto Kea’au Pahoa Bypass Road/ Highway 130 South and continue for 11 miles to Pahoa
  • When you reach the Pahoa roundabout, follow the directional signage toward Kalapana, remaining on Highway 130. Continue for approximately 9 miles (you will go down a long, gradual hill and drop about 1,000 feet in elevation)
  • Keep an eye on mile markers; after mile-marker 20 you will see a directional sign that points to End of Road or Kalapana. Turn left toward Kalapana, then curve immediately to the right
  • Drive 1/4 mile to a stop sign at a T-junction, and turn left onto Kalapana-Kapoho Rd/ Coastal Highway 137 (toward Kapoho)
  • After about 5 miles, between the 17 and 18 mile-markers, and a half-mile beyond Kalapana Seaview Estates, Kalani will be on your left, marked with a lighted orange sign
Driving to Kalani from the Kona International Airport (KOA); 110 miles / 3 hours
  • Turn left out of the airport and drive north on Route 19
  • Continue on Route 19 through Waimea, down the Hamakua coast (still Route 19) until you get to Hilo
  • Past the waterfront side of town, make a right onto Highway 11 at Ken’s House of Pancakes (sign says Volcano 30 miles)
  • Continue onHighway 11 until you are out of town (about 5.9 miles), then turn left onto Kea’au Pahoa Bypass Road/Highway 130 South and continue for 11 miles to Pahoa
  • When you reach the Pahoa roundabout, follow the directional signage toward Kalapana, remaining onHighway 130. Continue for approximately 9 miles (you will go down a long, gradual hill and drop about 1,000 feet in elevation)
  • Keep an eye on mile markers; after mile-marker 20 you will see a directional sign that points to End of Road or Kalapana. Turn left toward Kalapana, then curve immediately to the right
  • Drive 1/4 mile to a stop sign at a T-junction, and turn left onto Kalapana-Kapoho Rd/Coastal Highway 137 (toward Kapoho)
  • After about 5 miles, between the 17 and 18 mile-markers, and a half-mile beyond Kalapana Sea View Estates, Kalani will be on your left, marked with a lighted orange sign

If you’d like to arrange a shuttle to/from Hilo International Airport, you can learn more here.

Do I need to rent a car?

Pahoa, the nearest town, is about 15 miles away, and there is very limited public transportation in the area. Guest Services can recommend local tour operators, but if you’d like to explore the nearby natural attractions on your own, renting a car from the airport is a good option.

Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?

Hilo International Airport (ITO) is the closest airport to Kalani, located 35 miles away (about a 60-minute drive). Hawaiian Airlines offers many flights daily from Honolulu and other airports throughout the islands. United Airlines has one daily direct flight from Los Angeles.

Kalani offers shuttle service from Hilo International Airport (ITO), which can be arranged via Kalani Guest Services, [email protected] or 808-965-0468. Please send flight details with your shuttle request. We also pick-up from the downtown Hilo bus station and hotels. Shuttle service is subject to availability; one-way pricing is $50 per person for shared rides, and $75 per person for single bookings.

Taxi service is available from ITO or Hilo downtown for a one-way fare of approximately $125.

If you fly into Kona International Airport (KOA), you can rent a car and enjoy the scenic 3-hour drive from the west side of the island. Kalani does not provide shuttle service from KOA.

There is very limited public transportation via the Hele-On county bus that departs from the downtown Hilo Bus Station (a few miles from the airport). This is a slow but inexpensive option that comes right to Kalani’s front entrance. For more info, visit the Hele-On bus website.

Please note: Cancelling a shuttle within 24 hours of pick-up/drop-off is subject to charge.

Is Kalani a welcoming environment for LGBTQ?

Kalani was founded in 1975 by dancers Richard Koob and Earnest Morgan, an interracial gay couple. At that time, they were inspired to create a safe haven for freedom and self expression. To this day, Kalani retains a strong connection to the LGBTQ community, while holding a safe, supportive space for people of all identities to explore and express who they truly are.

Is there access to a kitchen?

Kalani guests do not have access to a kitchen. If you have special nutritional requirements, we encourage you to indicate that on your reservation request or share with a registrar at the time of booking. All food service occurs at the Dining Lanai as a means to foster community and mitigate pest presence in guest accommodations.

If you have allergies and sensitivities, you may want to bring some of your favorite snacks to supplement our food offerings.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Guest accommodations typically include a mini-fridge to store snacks and drinks. We encourage guests to keep any and all food refrigerated to avoid attracting pests.

Kalani is located several miles from the nearest grocery store; however Hale Aloha and Guest Services (located on-site) sell a variety of freshly-made sandwiches, wraps, coffee and cookies, along with chips, snacks, and cold drinks. Alcohol is not sold on campus, but is permitted.

Is there air conditioning?

With a temperate climate year-round and east-west trade winds, Kalani accommodations do not require heating or air-conditioning. In addition, minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible supports Kalani’s sustainability efforts.

Screened-in windows maximize airflow and views, offering you a breath of the planet’s freshest air. All rooms are equipped with ceiling or floor fans.

How do I keep up with what’s going on at Kalani?

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates and educational content.

How do I pay for a class?

The weekly schedule designates all class pricing. Some classes are $15 guest, $10 kama‘aina (with a valid Hawaii state-issued ID), while others are free or donation-based. Teachers collect cash at the door, so it’s helpful if you bring exact change.

If you are staying on-site at Kalani, you may add classes to your tab via the class sign-in sheet at the studio entrance. Tab charges may be paid at the time of departure.

I’m interested in taking one of your weekly classes. Do I need to RSVP?

Nope! Just show up! Feel free to arrive 10-15 minutes before class if you’d like time to settle in.

If you’re unsure about the time, location, or cost of any Kalani class or event, check out the weekly schedule or inquire at Guest Services.

How do I become a volunteer at Kalani?

Kalani’s residential Volunteer Program enables individuals to spend 2-3 months living on-campus while serving 4 shifts/week in one of our main departments. Kalani volunteers experience serving in the spirit of aloha while living in community with like-minded people from around the world.

Learn more about and apply for Kalani’s Volunteer Program.

How do I facilitate a retreat at Kalani?

Kalani is an inspiring environment for retreats of all kinds including: yoga, meditation, dance, massage, martial arts, professional trainings, and creative expression via writing, photography and art – for up to 75 guests.

Click here for more information regarding retreat facilitation.

What is Kalani’s damage policy?

Please respect our property, furnishings, and fixtures so that many more guests may be able to enjoy them. Any damage beyond the wear and tear of normal use, as determined at the sole discretion of Kalani, will result in an additional guest fee of $250.

What is Kalani’s payment policy?

Full payment for your stay is processed at the time of booking. Please check your receipt and confirmation letter carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

What is the noise policy?

To maintain an atmosphere of healing, we ask all guests to use headphones and refrain from playing amplified music or movies. We also observe quiet hours between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Please be mindful of your voice during quiet hours, as noise travels.

We appreciate your consideration for others and cooperation with this policy.

Can I wear scented products?

Please be considerate of guests and our staff, and refrain from using synthetically scented products at Kalani. Many visitors wear essential oils and we ask that you do so conservatively. For some people, these products can trigger respiratory distress and headaches. Please refrain from burning incense or diffusing essential oils in guest lodgings.

Deodorant is acceptable.

Are there options for people with food sensitivities?

If you have a severe allergy or strong dietary preference, please alert our registrar when booking your stay. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we may not be able to satisfy all requests.

We label allergens and ingredients that can cause sensitivities, and invite you to ask our kitchen staff any questions that arise as you dine with us. Please see dining for more details about our meals.

For those with allergies or sensitivities, it may be helpful for you to bring your favorite snacks with you.

Are pets allowed at Kalani?

Pets are not permitted at Kalani Honua. We do allow service animals that must remain on leash at all times.

Do you offer massage and bodywork?

Yes! We invite you to make bodywork a part of your experience at Kalani. Our Wellness Center has diverse healing modalities for you to enjoy during your stay. Please contact Guest Services at [email protected] or 808-965-7828 to booking your session in advance.

Guests who purchase our all-inclusive Kalani Experience package will enjoy a 90-minute massage or 60 minute aquatic bodywork at no additional charge.

When are meals served?

Kalani serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily at our open-air Dining Lanai. Listen for the sound of the conch to signify the start of meals.

  • Breakfast: 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM ($13*)
  • Lunch: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ($15*)
  • Dinner: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM ($24*)

Meals are available for purchase at Kalani as part of a package or a la carte. Meal tickets are available at Guest Services about 30 minutes before the start of service.

Meals are included in all retreat bookings, and the retreat meal package begins with dinner service on the first day of the retreat, and concludes with lunch on the last day of the retreat. Click here to see this week’s menu, and learn more about Kalani cuisine on our dining page.

Sandwiches, wraps, salads, snacks, drinks and ice cream are available for purchase at Hale Aloha, located at our campus entrance.

*Kama‘aina rate available for those with a valid Hawaii state ID or driver’s license.

What happens in the case of a power outage?

Kalani is located in a remote, jungle environment where we experience an average of 74 inches of rainfall each year. The tropical rains are sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning – and, on occasion, a power outage. In the case of a power outage, Kalani has generators on-site as backup power sources. To prevent damage to equipment in the case of an impending tropical storm, a temporary manual power shutdown may be implemented. In these cases, guests are given as much advanced notice as possible.

What if I need medical assistance when I am at Kalani?

Kalani is located approximately 30 minutes away from the nearest urgent care clinic and 60 minutes away from the nearest hospital. If you do not have your own vehicle, Kalani can provide transportation to the urgent care clinic or emergency room for a fee. It is recommended that guests bring an ample supply of medications as the nearest pharmacy is also 30 minutes away from Kalani. Those with medical conditions may want to consult a physician prior to visiting Kalani given our hot and humid climate and the remoteness of our location.

Is Kalani right for me?

“Kalani Honua” means harmony of heaven on earth, which is what we aspire to embody. We welcome all in the spirit of aloha, and are guided by the Hawaiian tradition of ‘ohana (extended family) – respecting diversity and sharing collective wisdom.

In addition, we aim to live in harmony with our jungle environment – which means you may encounter harmless creatures such as cats, spiders, geckos and mongoose – as well as the presence of feral pigs; after all, they were here first! There are also mosquitoes, so consider bringing bug spray. Bug spray is also available for purchase at Kalani Guest Services.

Lastly, our accommodations are simple and rustic, with no televisions, phones, or air conditioning. We provide fresh linens to use during your stay, and housekeeping services on your departure. Most rooms have limited connectivity to WiFi. View images of our rooms – and if you have any questions about your stay, feel free to contact us online or call us at (800) 800-6886 (toll-free in USA and Canada) or (808) 965-0468 (worldwide).

What are check-in and check-out times?

Standard check-in time is 4:00 PM. If you arrive earlier, you are welcome to enjoy our campus until your room becomes available. 

Check-out time is 11:00 AM. When departing, please return your keys and check out with a member of our Guest Services team to avoid late check-out charges. 

Luggage storage is available at Guest Services for arrival and departure.

Are there telephones for outgoing calls?

Land-line telephones are available at Guest Services. On-island calls are available at no additional charge. Long-distance cards for off-island calls are available to purchase at Guest Services.

Will my phone work at Kalani?

It is unlikely that you will have cell phone service on Kalani’s campus due to our remote location. Free WiFi is accessible in select locations; however, our jungle environment can be unpredictable and WiFi may become unavailable. A telephone and a computer are available for last-minute needs like printing a boarding pass.

Does Kalani have WiFi?

WiFi is available in several locations on campus, including Hale Aloha, Dining Lanai, Guest Services, and near some (but not all) accommodations. See your campus map for WiFi hot spots. While WiFi is free, we have limited bandwidth, so large downloads and streaming are discouraged. Our jungle environment can sometimes be unpredictable and WiFi may become unavailable.

Conserve your cell phone battery by using airplane mode and turning off your phone’s WiFi when it’s not in use.

Don’t have your own device? Contact Guest Services for last-minute needs like printing a boarding pass.


I have something I can’t take back with me. Can I offer it to someone else when I leave?

Yes! One of the ways we reduce waste and improve the quality of life for our staff and volunteer community is by donating items to our “Free Boutique.” Upon departure, you may leave donations with Guest Services.

Is smoking permitted at Kalani?

All guest rooms, meeting rooms, pathways, grounds and common areas are smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed in one designated area on campus. 

If evidence of smoking is found in guest accommodations, a fine of $250 will be assessed.

What is Kalani’s cancellation policy?

Cancellations up to 7 days in advance of arrival incur a $75 administrative fee. Cancellations within 7 days of arrival incur forfeiture of fees paid up to $250. No refund will be provided for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled arrival, 4:00 pm on check-in date. No refund will be provided for early departures from retreat programs.

Can I bring my children to Kalani?

While our campus and weekly schedule are tailored to adults, children are always welcome at Kalani. However, we are unable to provide childcare, so please make arrangements before your visit. Please alert the registrar at the time of reservation if you are bringing a child.

Things to note if you are bringing a child:

  • Kalani’s pool area is clothing optional (swimwear is not required)
  • The terrain on campus is uneven; most strollers do not function optimally
  • Most accommodations have screens instead of windows (sound travels)
  • Guest rooms are not serviced daily; guests are responsible for maintaining diaper rubbish and emptying trash bins

What is Kalani’s liability policy?


Guests visiting our campus are asked to agree to unconditionally release and hold harmless from liability Kalani Honua Inc., its owners, agents, and other guests from any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, or expenses occurring during, caused by, relating to, or arising from my participation at Kalani Honua Inc.

By accepting this waiver, I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I assume responsibility for all aspects of participation by both myself and any children who might accompany me. I acknowledge that Kalani Honua reserves the right to use photography/video taken on property. I acknowledge that municipal water is available at the Dining Lanai.

Kalani Honua reserves the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during or after a program if one: 1) Becomes dangerous or harmful to self, others, or property, 2) Behaves disruptively or inappropriately, 3) Is not able, for whatever reason, to be present for learning, 4) Breaks the law, 5) Refuses to cooperate with program leaders or Kalani Honua management, 6) Does not pay accordingly for a program or services provided, or 7) Brings weapons, illegal drugs, or other banned items onto campus.