Massage and Wellness

Massage at KalaniLotusMassage at Kalani

Kalani is an ideal environment to embark on a healing journey, to deepen your connection with yourself, other beings, and with the earth. Most importantly, Kalani provides a safe space to experience the beauty of the present moment where all healing takes place.

While here, immerse in the feeling of Aloha (sharing of the sacred breath of life) and experience being in an `Ohana (extended family), not just with family and friends and the wonderful Kalani staff, but with the `āina (land, that which feeds). Kalani is a great place to get in touch with the transformative energy and power that this island radiates.


Our guests can experience many types of bodywork, massage, and wellness treatments.


We offer a variety of health and self growth workshops throughout the year.

The Hawai’i Massage School at Kalani

The Hawai’i Massage School at Kalani offers numerous opportunities to train in a variety of Healing Arts modalities on the Puna Coast of the Big Island, Hawai’i.

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