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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Aloha Salita and Tiffany!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much last month for my stay.
This time is most wonderful in my 13 times Kalani stay!!!
I want to write many things about I saw people and my experience there, but it's many, many, many..............I can't write all things.
I really really appreciate all Kalani people, Salita and Tiffany.

About van driver Trent for me to Hilo airport on 11/1, I forgot my bag in van, so driver came back to airport for me.
In bag, there were all my money, cards, passport!!
I really appreciate him.

After I didn't make my Hawaiian airplane, but! I could get next flight.
It was short time to transfer at Honolulu airport.
but I run and could get my international flight.

I saw my photos in Kalani newsletter and website.
It's my goooood memories, Mahalo for Paul.

I hope I stay Kalani again.

I send photo of Japan autumn.

    -   Chie

Japan in Autumn