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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


self portrait

A few years back, my son Evan, asked me when I had known he was gay and how I had felt at the time.....My response was that it had never been an issue. "Color blindness" in all ways was something I wanted my kids to grow up with......Evan was always unique --- yeah, a bit weird; he took out the girls who didn't have dates for school dances; he saw the world with unique vision; he had a thoughtful and gentle spirit. ......I just loved him --- and his sexual orientation was just a part of who he was.......just like I'm left-handed. Some of us have light skin; some of us are dark......Duh........ :)

Today I came across a picture Evan drew on his 5th birthday: his self portrait. I've taught 5 years olds for many years and have never seen a self portrait quite like this......Perhaps I'm biased, but I do believe that when not harassed or encumbered by social stigma and cruelty, gay men are overall more evolved: mentally, spiritually, artistically/creatively, socially --- there exists the ability to embrace all sides and facets of being a person second; a spirit first..........I think the attached picture is truly indicative of that fact.......and remember, this was his first week of Kindergarten......

I'm proud of Evan and proud that he's gay.....He's also a very good spirit and a kick in the pants!

namaste from Evan's mom,