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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jonathan Jamison

Jonathan JamisonDuring my walk to dinner along the path I took my time to linger at the magnificent sunset of pinks, purples, blues, teal and a larger spectrum that words just don’t seem to truly express. After darkness sets, the glow of Pele across Kalani brings forth such power and grace that my mind wanders into the things I'm grateful for.


It has been long over a year since I started my residence at Kalani. Throughout my time here I have seen my mind and consciousness grow and my body shrink. In this short period of time I have had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of amazing people who taught me about the energies of love. I have said I Love you to more people than ever in my life and many times a day here I'm reminded of the power and understanding of this powerful source of life and death. Take the word love and use in front or after any word in the dictionary and it makes sense in a lot of ways.

Being within my 'ohana and allowing my freedom to explore or just watch this powerful energy has been one of the greatest gifts I have gotten from heaven on earth (Kalani Honua). As I write this blog I gain a greater understanding of how to express my love and to connect with those who cross my path. My skills of communication on a world wide level are basically starting with this blog and I hope to continue to share my journey in new ways.

I feel gratitude for the ways that love has brought me pure thoughts and a stronger consciousness. I celebrate life and everything that comes with it and deeply know that I manifest every moment of this existence through my own will of love. The constant evolution that we are morphing through allows us to learn from every experience that love brings us. As we all know, life flows sometimes with us or without us. I love every one that crosses my path and even those who walk 100 yards out of the way of my path. The days become greater and the nights more peaceful with the pool of love that I have built that surrounds me. As I stride forward wandering into unknowns, leafing through this book called life, it seems as though I can truly feel the love for my self. I feel amazing for these moments and for the fact at 36 years old I can palm the floor in a forward bend. Now that is truly the power of love.

Aloha and a hui hou