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Monday, June 14, 2010

Juan Manuel

Juan ManuelI had a marvelous experience at Kalani attending the 2010 Retreat Centers gathering. It was not just the gathering itself, but also the place that encouraged all of us to embrace the spirit of Aloha and imbue the gathering with it, creating a very rich and rewarding experience both, on the personal level and on the professional one. You can breathe the spirit of Aloha at Kalani and, if you happen to find yourself there, just let yourself to be taken by it.

Juan Manuel
Madrid, Spain


Saturday, June 5, 2010

"This has been an amazing vacation for me.  Kalani is flawless.  Everyone has been so friendly and open.  I can't wait to come back.--"

"I have come to love this place very very quickly.  I enjoyed my short (but sweet stay) and know taht I will be back again.  I have already begun to recommend it to people back home.  I love you guys!  Thanx heaps."  -- Australia

"What a relaxing atmosphere... A place to feel free... uninhibited... thankful... peaceful... a place to learn new cultures... song... dance... customs...  - Mahalo! "

"You guys are doing great ~ I'm so glad you are still here.  I've been coming for years but hadn't made it back for six ~ you create a gentle fun creative nurturing healing space.  You ARE Hawaii for me.  I take you back to Lopez Island, WA with me and spread Aloha there.  Thank you."

"This space, this land is blessed.  Thank you for providing such a sacred space."

"Thank you for a wonderful week!  I am so impressed with the warm welcoming & peaceful community at Kalani.  I enjoyed my stay & will definitely be back.  I truly had a healing retreat - which was my ultimate goal.  Mahalo!"

"I really love your place.  All the staff are friendly and very positive!  Thank you so much!  Aloha!"

"My time at Kalani is refreshing and restorative.  I am drawn back every year.  My heart thanks you!  Mahalo."

"It is a nice place to stay.  The whole staff is very friendly and we got help all the time we needed.  Mahalo.  I'll take the spirit to Germany."

"My stay was truly a healing for me.  I came after major major trauma in my life.  I am returning to New York a changed person.  Having left my hurtful baggage here where it will seep into the lava."

"I have been coming here over several years.  It's a joy to see Kalani grow, the landscape & trees, the people and the refinement of the retreat facilities.  There was wonderful coordination among the volunteer staff ~ so seamless we hardly knew they were there except for the lovely atmosphere they control.  Mahalo"

"This is our 2nd & 3rd times here.  It will not be our last time!  Special place - Keep it wild & loving!"

"A very 'warm' and welcoming place.  We have really slowed down and relaxed as the week progressed.  the Aloha spirit is everywhere.  A very free and peaceful retreat.  Mahalo!"

"I really enjoyed my stay.  The food, service, housekeeping, volunteers were great.  It was great to be in a place where transgender bodies are safe and accepted.  There's not a lot of place where we are welcomed and unquestioned.  Thank you!"

"Kalani couldn't have been a better experience.  Thanks to everyone for creating/maintaining this!"

"Kalani is a oasis of beautiful people, land, and healing energy that resonates throughout."

"The main thing that comes to my mind when looking back at this last week is 'Kalani is Thankfulness'.  I'm so thankful to this place.  EVERYBODY has been so welcoming, warm, & caring.  I will come back in a heartbeat!...I've traveled a bit & this place has offered the best services I have expereinced so far.  I'll be back... with all my friends from Seattle."



Friday, April 9, 2010


My ten days at Kalani were gloriously rich in so many ways - I was immersed in extravagant nature, surrounded by incredibly luscious tropical flowers and fruits, exotic plants, beautiful trees and elusive dragonflies. The well-worn cliche about the ripe fruits dropping off the trees was in fact true; I enjoyed many very ripe guavas and a few tasty mangoes. The huge mango tree at the Kalani entrance was bent double with its load of fruits, and quite symbolic of the abundance within.

LadybeeGuests have the rare privilege of swimming in a non-chlorinated Olympic size pool with two outdoor hot tubs and a lovely sauna nearby, all nestled in a garden setting with palm trees, flowers, and both Ganesha and a reclining Buddha looking on. I loved heating up in the sauna, then diving into the cool swimming pool, sans bathing suit. Just walking on the property was really enjoyable; there seemed always to be a new flower or tree to discover, and the varying elevations of the land provided a good workout. I loved sitting on the big front verandah, listening to crashing waves below while eating delicious local ice cream. I also liked the cozy lounge next to the office, where one could check email, read, or just relax in a comforting environment. Dining al fresco on the lanai was a great pleasure, not only because of the healthy, delicious food but also because one could survey the broad lawn with its flowering trees and happy birds while eating. The salad bar was fantastic, and what could be better then fresh local fruits - papaya, pineapple, soursop, mamey, bananas - at breakfast? The desserts were delicious as were the entrees. And the company was marvellous.

The staff, volunteers, and guests were seemingly in a state of bliss - virtually everyone greeted me, with a smile, when passing and conversation flowed freely. Being at Kalani, in such a lush environment, seems to bring out the best in everyone. I certainly felt great every day I was there, and the intimacy of happy people in nature was lovely to experience. My greatest thrill was being close to big hawksbill sea turtles at several nearby beaches - I was able to swim with them, look at them closely, and just sit near them in awe.

The water, the lava, the plants and the flowers all seemed to conspire to enchant me - and the trade winds helped, too. Kalani is truly heaven on earth, and I hope to return this summer for more. As I write this from San Francisco, I miss it all keenly.

Mahalo and Aloha - LadyBee


Monday, March 22, 2010


Tom at 93How wonderful it is to know that nature can heal and bless us! To find a place where this can and does happen is a great accomplishment in any lifetime.

At Kalani the wonder and power of nature is multiplied by kind and loving souls who work with nature.

Here each day becomes an even greater opportunity to commune with the gentle and infinite healing powers.

"Natural Paradise" is an inspiring phrase; to live in one is the greatest blessing.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jack Miller

Zen Nights Dharma DaysZen. Sublimity. There are few words to conjure the world of Kalani Honua, a place of rhythms and life. Fortunate are the happy souls who come here, intermingle, and experience such contact with earth, air, volcanic fire, and water-- the ocean and the waterfalls, and the pools of clear healing water. People here connect to the land in a holistic way difficult to imagine on the mainland of the U.S. Everything flows in a harmony that resonates in those who live and work here.

It is easy to photograph the flowers, the pristine beaches, the steam from Kiluea, from Pele. It is easy to imagine, to recall, the joy of sitting in the swing pictured here, gazing at the ocean for whales, for the spume as they catch their breath, dolphins, black crabs scurrying over the black lava rocks. Life is exquisite here, like a rare orchid. The lizard on the sunny sill has found enlightenment.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Cloud at The Point Aloha Richard,

Just stepping out to attend my first yoga session at a local establishment, and I felt the need to drop you a line.

Thanks for everything at Kalani last week. Sometimes the right people and settings line right up to give us the perfect experience needed for our life's journey. I didn't expect to experience that after spending a week at your retreat village, but that sure was the end result.

Everything I experienced fit together like the perfect puzzle to create a better understanding of the big picture in life. Thanks so much!



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stef Douthit

Happy Huladays


I was a guest with the Hawaiian Temple Bodyworks retreat this past year, and I fell in love with Kalani!!! I just wanted to comment on your "Happy Huladays" email...how wonderful! It is exciting to hear of all your new projects, and I plan to contribute whatever I can...no matter how small an offering.

Kalani TRULY did give me heaven on earth, and helped me to EXPERIENCE something I have always known: my divinity. I witnessed myself, everyone around me as well as our beautiful Mother Earth all melded by Pele's spirit into a higher vibrational dimension that was to my senses and very soul HEAVEN!!!

To all of you there working so hard to make this place a reality for all to share, my heart offers all gratitude!!!

Stef Douthit


Monday, September 22, 2008

Ayesha Gallion

Kalani Volunteers

Ayesha Gallion, here. I was an artist-in-residence at Kalani from July 28 to August 7. I wanted to write about Maya, one of your staff members who made my experience and research very memorable.

She was instrumental in introducing me, through gentle nudging, to emerge from my writer's solitude and find a balance through socializing more as well as partaking in some of the wonderful classes, such as hula and yoga, and watsu massage.

Through her positive prodding and intuitive nature, she truly did help me remember that sometimes creativity is fostered through movement and exploration -- rather than the constant drone of a computer's hum.

I think that this woman, who is nurturing, friendly, funny, has a special gift. I can't quite describe what umbrella this spirit and ability fall under. However, I can speak to the true physical and psychological results it has had upon me as well as others here. There is no doubt that Maya's magic translates into people taking full advantage of what Kalani has to offer.

Your staff really does bring to life the experience that visitors read about on the Kalani web site, assisting in making this a priceless journey.

Thank you again for selecting volunteers and staff who bring the best out of your visitors through being their best selves.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Arlene Lindstedt

MoonThe beauty of Kalani stems from its tolerance and kindness towards others, diversity of thought, boldness in dedication to protecting both the environment and Hawaiian culture, its creative vision of the future, and gentleness --- wrapped with humor and an enthusiasm for life.

The accommodations are comfortable, but rustic by common standards...Cell phone reception is almost impossible; there are no TV's in the rooms; most rooms have open-screened walls or half-walls that allow for the pristine beauty, fragrances, and birdsong to cuddle you as you drift to sleep --- or wake to another glorious day...

The food borders on exceptional --- fresh breads, fruits, vegetables, and entrees that utilize the best combination of seasonings, meats, or vegetarian ingredients...

This is not 5-star resort, where you're pampered with facades and ostentatious service. It's natural. It's people helping people. The energy is positive ---- and you can just be you...

I think many people "find" themselves at Kalani. It's a good spot for self-awareness and an opportunity for you to mentally articulate who and what you are, what's important... and recognize the inevitability of change as a dynamic, unique, and needed catalyst in our lives..........

               - Arlene Lindstedt