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Friday, October 17, 2008

Charlie Bonnin

Charlie BonninOh, Kalani, an interesting place.
Where every turn,
Reveals a new face.

The balance that shifts over,
And over again.
Just when you had realized,
You had made a new friend.

It's time to go,
New places to be.
For some go back to their old life,
Their old reality.

Don't mourn their departure,
And don't mourn your leaving.
Just take what you have learned,
And store it for safe keeping.

For a moment you may feel a loss,
You may feel you can not cope,
And in bed you may toss.

Just take a deep breath,
Lie quiet and still.
Remember the palm trees,
Up on the hill.
The ocean's churning,
Mountains covered with snow.
Pele's eruptions,
The people you got to know.

With this thought,
In heart and mind.
You just might find,
That peaceful place,
Not even time can erase.

And when you are there,
Breath deep,
The remembered air.
Let go of your cares,
And smile at the moments
That you shared.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Gary Schroeder
Gary Schroeder

The love of life shines in me like billions of stars.
Each star a person whose soul described the divinity.
As I look at each brightly light its luminosity outshines its name.
All I see is the uniqueness of its interaction with my universe.
Each one thinking they hide something from me, but they cannot.
The place where we are one cannot be hidden.
I see it as clearly as I see my hand because it is my hand and my fingers and my heart.
It’s me just as much.
I thank them for their part in the script we play together.
My character cannot play itself without all the others.
I rejoice of my good fortune to be part of this grand play and to me myself in the brilliant light of all those stars.
You, who sit in front of me, are those brilliant lights.
You are a facet in the diamond of pure mind.
Never apologize for who you are.
You are unique.
You are divine.
You are the essence of Love and of life.
I could not imagine an existence so mundane as one without you.
Thank you for everything you are.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Lorien McClenaghan

palmInvocation for The Angel of Kalani

We are grateful
to the angel of Kalani
for overlooking the spirit
of this community
from its inception
until now.

We join
to formally invoke
the presence
of the angel of Kalani

May she continue to guide this community
to grow as an ever deepening place of love,
personal freedom,
inner peace
and spiritual understanding.

And so it is.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lorien McClenaghan - Volunteer, Oct. 2007 - Jan. 2008


There is a secret at Kalani,
and ... 'most everybody knows it!

flowerWhen you come here, you change.
You release the past of stress and inhibition.

And release the YOU...
The you so deeply yearning to be free.

Free ... free to express in each moment,
whatever comes, whatever feels, whatever is
the essence of your true Self in that moment in time.

The old timers,
they just watch and wait ...
To see the newcomer bite on the Kalani bait.

And after the seed is planted,
the essential flower grows,
unfurls its delirious petals of many colors,
and sticks out its tongue in delight!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Winter SolsticeUnder the direction of Mavis Muller, an Artist-in-Residence from Alaska, a team of volunteers collaborated in the weaving of a large 'wishing bell' basket which was installed in the Buddha Grove.

After a dedication ceremony in the afternoon, with poems, chants and story weaving, Mavis and volunteers created a spiral luminaria, each beautifully adorned with an original bamboo painting by Shola.

After the nearly-full moon rose on the Winter Solstice, volunteers danced in a rhythmic procession through the lighted spiral to celebrate the Solstice and the new installation.

May the warmth of the memories we shared keep us illuminated and connected. May the energy generated that night spiral ever outward with the spirit of aloha!

Wishing Bell Invitation

Wishing BellAll are invited to interact with this woven 'wishing bell'
in your own personal way.

Decorate the outside with found objects from nature.

Use the materials provided in this box, leaves and markers.
(Please close it again when you are finished.)

Write down your wishes.

Write your sentiments on a leaf, or paper fold it up and tuck it inside the basket in the theme of:

  • manifestation for the upcoming year;

  • wishes for wellness for yourself, loved ones, for all of creation;

  • things you are grateful for;

  • anything that you would like to release, to make way for new beginnings, etc.....

On January 1, 7:30 pm, at this location, the Buddha Grove,
the 'wishing bell' basket will meet it's conclusion through fire.
The basket will burn, respectfully releasing all of your heartfelt messages.

Something has ended. Something has begun.

This interactive art project is facilitated by Mavis Muller, Homer, Alaska, and is the tenth in a series. mavismullerart.com

by Mavis Muller

symbol of abundance,
food for the present,
seeds for the future.
With the corn rattle,
we lift and scatter,
to all the directions,
the needs and desires,
of all humanity,
and all of creation,
we do this with trust,
knowing in our hearts,
that we will be provided for.

symbol of gratitude,
opening hearts,
expanding compassion.
With the gourd rattle,
we lift and scatter,
to all the directions,
our joyful gratitude,
for the blessings in our lives,
the beauty of our purpose,
the bounty of the Earth.
we do this with love,
our ultimate treasure.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Just because we live in a yoga retreat in the jungle on the slopes of a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean doesn't mean we lack the amenities of culture!

Kalani art showKalani's Art Show on December 14th was a feast for the senses. Organized by Ben Ellis and Tiff Manchester, and supported by local residents and volunteers, there was art, music, food, wine, poetry, dance, and a fashion show.

Our current Artist-in-Residence, Mavis Muller of Homer, Alaska, directed a basket weaving project that produced wonderful works of art from local plants. Her work can be seen at www.mavismullerart.com.

Pictures of the Art show are up in a new gallery on Kalani's website. Click HERE or on the picture for the gallery. We hope you can be at the next one!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Caroline Lamery

Caroline Lamery

You are hereby granted license to be your real self regardless of how the world sees you or your own distracted opinions of yourself.

Vous venez de recevoir la license d'etre vrai peu importe la facon dont le monde vous regarde ou la facon dont vous vous voyez a l'interieur ou a l'exterieur.

You are also encouraged to live out and indulge in your wildest dreams and explore the unknown cosmos without hesitation.

Aussi vous etes encourage a vivre pleinement et a plonger enntierement dans vos reves les plus fous. A explorer l'inconnu cosmos sans aucune hesitation.

This license open the doors for you to dance, laugh, cry, scream,celebrate and applause for your own beauty and the beauty of the universe.

Cette license vous ouvre la porte pour dancer, rire, pleurer, crier, celebrer et applaudir votre propre beaute et la beaute de l'univers.

Starting now you must agree to follow your passion and find satiety in all aspects of your life.

A partir de maintenant, vous devez accepter de poursuivre votre passion et d'etancher la soif dans tous les aspects de votre vie.

Valiantly seek-out your unique hungers as an opening in your search of your rare self, because satiety is the key to transformation, full embodiment and GOD realization.

Vaillemment rechercher votre propre unique faim comme une ouverture a la recherche de votre rarete, parceque satiete est la cle de la transformation, la realisation de Dieu et de votre acceptance totale de votre corps.

By express concession you hereby are empowered to feel the depths of your soul and being, to bring ahead full recognition of the perfect gift that you are.

Par demande expressive vous avez le devoir et le pouvoir de sentir la profondeur de votre ame et de votre etre, de montrer au monde la pleine reconnaissance du parfait cadeau que vous etes.

You are asked to shine your beauty as a full rainbow and spread your colors to ignite the beauty of others.

Vous etes priez de faire briller la beaute de l'arc-en-ciel que vous etes et d'etaler vos couleurs pour faire ressortir la beaute des autres.

From now until eternity you have privileged admission to live in excruciating powerful beauty for all to see.

A partir de maintenant et jusqu'a l'eternite vous avez le privilege de vivre en montrant votre extreme beaute a tout le monde.

You are given approval to become pleasure itself, to give and receive pleasure endlessly for all eternity to the limits of your perceptive ability.

Vous avez l'autorisation totale de devenir le plaisir lui meme, de donner et de recevoir du plaisir sans fin pour l'eternite jusqu'aux limites de l'habilite de votre perceptivite.

You must investigate the full dimension of inner and outer worlds with the greatest sensitivity.

Vous devez investiguer la dimension totale des mondes internes et externes avec la plus grande sensibilite.

You have full and absolute right to no longer carry the once accepted weight of inheritance and from now on be happy and feel whole as a unique perfect being.

Vous avez le droit complet et absolu de ne plus porter le poids de votre heritage que vous avez un jour accepte et a partir de maintenant vous avez le droit d'etre heureux et de vous sentir complet en etant un etre unique et parfait.

You are blessed and given permission to exist in your own chosen path and in your glory.

Vous etes protege et avez l'entiere permission d'exister sur votre propre chemin choisi et dans votre gloire.

Thank you for being.
Merci d'etre.